HSI reflection

Wow. So that was fast. Today is the last day of HSI. I remember reading all the other blogs on the first day and thinking “wow, that’s dramatic.” But now it kinda makes sense, because we had 3 weeks where we were forced to make almost 90 new friends and live with/see every day. Its […]

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Media Consumerism

Today we watched a video about media consumerism and social media marketing, called “Generation Like.” As i’m sure you can imagine, it was almost entirely about how today’s generation of teens is being negatively influenced by social media, but this video mainly talk about that through the use of advertisements and marketing. However, the main […]

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Snow Range Mountains

Yesterday, the 25th of June, our class took a field trip to the Snowy Range Mountains to take pictures. Like always, my group tried to climb all the way up the mountain, and got some fun pictures of the landscape, but we also made it back down in time to take some cool pictures of […]

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Media Literacy

Everything is a lie            So I’m gonna be completely honest, my entire news source is memes. I very rarely watch news or do any research for myself, unless I’m suddenly really passionate about an issue or I want to prove someone wrong. So, on a day to day basis, most […]

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Newspaper/Cheyenne trip

  Today we went to the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle and I learned a lot about how news is made and what goes into the process of both finding stories and also the physical printing of the paper. I also took some fun pictures during the tour but it was hard to get a good picture of […]

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Yesterday we took a field trip to vedauwoo, and it was awesome. My group and I climbed all the way up two different peaks, and I got some really cool pictures from both sides of the valley.     Those two pictures were taken opposite of each other, on top of the peaks. That was […]

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I’m a Pro Photographer

  Today we learned the basics of taking cool pictures!   In this photo, I used Focus and lighting because I was directly behind the bench I really like this picture because I used leading lines, and you can follow the tail all the way up This one also uses leading lines, and its very […]

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First Few Days

  I decided to do HSI at the University of Wyoming because my brother did it three years ago, and, despite being fairly antisocial,  he really enjoyed it and told me I should too! I tend to be much more outgoing and social than my brother, so one of my main reasons for wanting to […]

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