Media Literacy

Everything is a lie            So I’m gonna be completely honest, my entire news source is memes. I very rarely watch news or do any research for myself, unless I’m suddenly really passionate about an issue or I want to prove someone wrong. So, on a day to day basis, most […]

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Newspaper/Cheyenne trip

  Today we went to the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle and I learned a lot about how news is made and what goes into the process of both finding stories and also the physical printing of the paper. I also took some fun pictures during the tour but it was hard to get a good picture of […]

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Yesterday we took a field trip to vedauwoo, and it was awesome. My group and I climbed all the way up two different peaks, and I got some really cool pictures from both sides of the valley.     Those two pictures were taken opposite of each other, on top of the peaks. That was […]

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I’m a Pro Photographer

  Today we learned the basics of taking cool pictures!   In this photo, I used Focus and lighting because I was directly behind the bench I really like this picture because I used leading lines, and you can follow the tail all the way up This one also uses leading lines, and its very […]

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First Few Days

  I decided to do HSI at the University of Wyoming because my brother did it three years ago, and, despite being fairly antisocial,  he really enjoyed it and told me I should too! I tend to be much more outgoing and social than my brother, so one of my main reasons for wanting to […]

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